Music for Alexander Riemenschneider’s staging of ‘Tschick’

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Arne Jansen wrote the music for Alexander Riemenschneider’s staging of ‘Tschick’ (with Sven Fricke, Thorsten Hierse & Natalia Belitski) at the Deutsches Theater Berlin.


Foto: Arno Declair

Press reports

“…a celebration of life that makes one rejoice“
Berliner Morgenpost, 5.12.2011

” You will wish that this marvellous, sad, comical road move never finds an end…“
SWR, 11.12.2011

” And the audience? Astonished as a child who can’t believe how places appear from nowhere, schoolrooms, canyons, motorway services, how an entire world of places can appear out of nowhere on a small stage with a bit of sand and eight, bright letters.“
Die Zeit, 8.12.2011

Deutsches Theater Berlin