Arne Jansen Trio – The Great He-Goat & Pilgrimage – Jazz Baltica 2015

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“The Great He-Goat” & “Pilgrimage”

Recorded live at Jazz Baltica 04.07.2015

Arne Jansen (guitar)
Andreas Edelmann (bass)
Eric Schaefer (drums)

Music written by Arne Jansen.
Audio mixed by Christian Ulbrich.
A Film by Jonas Zadow.

Music from the album “The Sleep Of Reason – Ode To Goya” (ACT) by Arne Jansen.

The two songs are inspired by the two correspondent Black Paintings by Francisco de Goya: El Aquellare (The Great He-Goat) & La romerĂ­a de San Isidro (Pilgrimage). Goya painted these two incredible works on the walls of his living room some time between 1819-1823 when he was already 72-76 years old. Devil worshippers and christian pilgrims in two correlating masterworks.