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Album reviews:
“Arne Jansen is known for his tone that hits straight to the heart. He is known to be a goldsmith on the guitar. But with Going Home he puts the crown on his sound art. Close your eyes, sit back and enjoy.”fairaudio.de 2023/06
“…the versions relaxed, laid back and carefully swinging… A delicate record, a quiet record, a reduced record, one that carries a lot of Mark Knopfler energy in it.” WDR3, 13.06.2023
“An amazing album full of passion and poetry” SCHALL magazine 2023/04
“The result lets you discover not only the melodic beauty of Knopfler’s compositions, but also the guitarist Arne Jansen, who hits the essence of these songs with just a few pinpoint notes.” CONCERTO 2023/02
„So beautiful it makes you weep.” Culture News 2023/05
“A masterpiece.” jazz-fun.de 2023/05
“Daring repertoire – successful realisation. Respect!” Guitar & Bass 2023/06
“Sultans of Swing” is the killer. The song is so tight and complete, it would seem to defy jazz interpretation, but Jansen and Braun find a way in. They lavish love on its irresistible melody then give it new bite and twang. What fun this album is.“ Stereophile 09/2023 (USA)