Arne Jansen Trio – Still Learning – Jazz Baltica 2015

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“Still Learning”
Recorded live at Jazz Baltica 04.07.2015

Arne Jansen (guitar)
Andreas Edelmann (bass)
Eric Schaefer (drums).

Music written by Arne Jansen.
Audio mixed by Christian Ulbrich.
A Film by Jonas Zadow.

Music from the album “The Sleep Of Reason – Ode To Goya” (ACT) by Arne Jansen.

“”Still Learning” is inspired by Goyas’ drawing “Aun aprendo” (1825-1828). When he was 79 years old and living in french exile his body was failing him. “I’ve no more sight,” he wrote to a Spanish friend in 1825. “My hand can’t hold a pen, I lack everything – all I’ve got left is willpower.” In this situation the former court painter to the Spanish Crown continually produced many great works – among them a piercing drawing in black crayon, which depicts an old man, a time-damaged patriarch with a long white beard, hobbling forwards on two sticks, forging ahead. “Aun aprendo,” Goya’s hand inscribes above him: “I am still learning.”

You can download a studio-version of this song from iTunes: